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Position DragonGlass within the mining hardware marketplace as the Future-Proof ecosystem. Our goal was to distance DragonGlass from competitors like BitFury, Bitmain, Obelisk, and Baikal so they would be seen as something completely different.


Unlike their competitors, DragonGlass focused on being user-centric and encouraged user excellence. This idea manifested itself in a brand strategy, visual identity, and website that emulated a future-proof mindset.

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Project Scope

Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Website Design

Logo Design

Sygnal Studios is a truly talented branding agency that spends the time to understand your vision and bring it to life. They are diligent and have immaculate attention to detail. Their ability to evoke our company's essence and portray it across all of our marketing materials was a unique experience I have not had with other companies.

Alex Kamergorodsky, CEO and Founder